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Wiebke Wagner - Co-Founder

I was infected with the horse virus at an early age - when I went pony riding in a German attraction park. Of course, I wouldn't approve “using” horses in that way today, but that’s the way it was in those days. This was followed by hacking out on ponies, riding lessons and finally my own horse. While my friends were putting their feet up between A-levels and university, I was busy working in an old people's home so that I could finally fulfil my dream of having my own horse.

And so Mira came into my life, an Arabian mix mare who (I know it sounds like a cliché 😉 ) taught me so very, very much about horses. About what they want and especially about what they don't want! And Mira had pretty precise ideas about that, which she also enforced vehemently 😉 .

Our path led us to Belgium for eight years and to England for nine years, during which time I studied, among other things, undergratuate agricultural- and biotechnology and postgraduate equine science and management consultancy.

In 2015 we came to Austria, where in 2016 I was finally able to fulfil my dream of owning my own livery yard, which meets Mira's ideas of keeping horses. Unfortunately, Mira had to be put down in autumn 2016 due to a severe colic, but coldblood Oszkar, Appaloosa Flying Elias and Trotter Arista continue their work and keep teaching me every day - about myself and about horses.

And because this is still not enough learning for me (I know, I’m a bit of a learning junkie 😉), Tom and I founded the German platform “Pferdegewieher” in 2018, through which we offer learning through 100+ podcast episodes, webinars and offering online courses and programs created by various horse experts.

This is now followed by our international platform The Equine Voice. And because that still leaves some spare time, I also support horse experts in marketing their services successfully online and offline.